Mastering is the final link in the chain when creating a single, ep, mixtape, album or continuous mix release. It’s the last chance to make sure your audio will translate well across all sound systems, add the final polish, and ensures that it will always sound great when played next to other tracks and “big money” releases. It’s also the point where all the technical aspects of preparing a release get sorted: track levels are evened, and running order is programmed along with all the other data needed for duplication. 

DJ mixes are also catered for. You’ve made a brilliant showcase for your DJ skills but maybe there are a few issues with balance or volume? Maybe there are no problems but you need the mix prepared for release or download? Echoplex Mastering will ensure your music gets the quality finish it needs to compete at the highest level.

We accept online orders and provide a fast and high quality turnaround and are looking forward to working with you - simply follow the simple steps to order and upload your music and get ready to hear your music sound better than ever before!

Latest News

Echoplex Holiday

The studio will be closed for holiday from Sunday 27 October to Sunday 03 November. All orders taken during this time will be scheduled for the week commencing 04 November.

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